“Where you go, there you are”

In two weeks alone, Using Dave & Dave’s inspirational techniques and tricks with marketing and sales, my resume and self discipline has basically promoted myself all over the internet and seen by hundreds of multi-billion dollar companies!  Inbox overflowing with at least 250 interview invites from companies such as; Farmers Branch Insurance, Aflac, Monster, DFW Promotions and more! If you want my success and knowledge, on how to get companies that pay 253,000+ to seek you as a leader, then just ask! You are where you go, and you go where you are.  No place worth going ever had shortcuts! As far as online money making, I am a slow baby lol! But patience with a little guidance, in 93 days I will be living proof of Erotic Capital Trend Set.   


Investing in People

I am doing a trial run, by investing in myself as a promotional endorsement agent.  It has been a slow start so far, but I am also new to this.  I signed up with Empowernetwork to gain commission with an online account.  There has been so many success stories, so why do I not understand the logistics? I just activated my ewallet, this is my first blog, let’s see what happens 😉